The Things That You Should Do In Brussels

The people who like to see history alive in front of their eyes should go to Brussels. This city is a humming collaboration of old and new without you having to run around to find the two different worlds. Where old historical monuments are keeping their heads high in the middle of the city, there is also a great new modern technology that runs the whole town. This capital of Belgium is sure to win your heart all at once you reach there. This is true even for the food of this city.

Here is a list of different types of surprising and mouthwatering dishes and fun things related to them that you can engage yourself in the city.

You can engage yourself in learning to make chocolates. Belgian chocolates are one of the most famous things in the world. Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier will lead you to a new heaven of chocolate. You can also attend one of the workshops that will help you learn the art of chocolate making.

Brussels has not just the chocolate, but also the most favored drink of the world made here the beer. You can easily find the beer of the Brussels Beer Project that was a result of crowd funding and took on the shape of a big industry there. The brewery in Brussels will serve to you this one of its kind beer that you will never forget all through your life.

If you want to bombard your palate with flavors, then Gramm is the place where you should try their beautiful yet simple dishes. The minimalistic approach towards food makes it a great place to be.

There are other places where you can satisfy your taste buds with the food that is just not delicious but also a sight such as San Sablon, Bocconi, and Villa Emily. These places will let you appreciate your food in an entirely different manner.

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Antarctica: A New Location For You To Explore

Those of you who have never visited Antarctica would have always imagined it to be a place that s always covered with bland snow but the fact is just the opposite because this is one of the most beautiful locations in the world that needs to be discovered by more and more people. This place around the South Pole is a home to the largest mammals of the world, that is, Blue Whale is the best place to have a luxurious holiday.

A few of the many qualities that make this place the best to visit for a memorable holiday are:

1. It is supposed to be the largest desert on the surface of the earth. The area of this desert which is around 14,000,000 km square is way bigger than the biggest desert on land which is Sahara desert that has an area of 9,000,000 km square. Though there is so much water on the surface there, the frozen form of it makes it impossible for anything to grow there except for the Penguins that are the main attraction of this region.

2. You will be astonished to know that 90% of the water of entire Earth is in Antarctica. And, this water is fresh water that is drinkable and viable for the survival of all the living beings.

3. When you visit Antarctica, it is almost like visiting the surface of Mars. There are only a few regions like this on earth, and if you ever wished to be on Mars in your childhood, then this is your opportunity to live that dream.

4. Many people think that it will be freezing cold in the Antarctic region. But, the fact is that the temperatures go far beyond freezing point only at the extreme south pole while in the coastal areas the temperature remains somewhere around the zero degrees mark. The highest temperature that has been recorded around here is 15 degree Celsius.

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