Ways To Get Rid Of Jet Lag Fast

The jet lag is the only thing that can ruin everything about flying over to another time zone. This is due to the biological clock that takes some time to adjust to the new routine. But, while traveling, you do not have that much of time so here are a few things that you must do to combat jet lag:

Adjust your sleeping time
This is the best way to avoid jet lag. If you have to fly west, you must sleep later at night while if you have to fly east, you must try to sleep earlier than you usually do. Also, you must do the same for your working hours. This will help be awake at the right time in the new time zone.

Change your dining routine too
It is important that you even bring the same changes to your eating pattern when you want to travel through different time zones. The biological clock may create confusion for your body by making you hungry at ungodly hours. You must also eat at the time that is appropriate for the new time zone even during the flight and after that. Drinking enough water is another key to handling jet lag.

Is your watch set for a destination?
You must not wait until landing at the destination to change the timing of your watch. You must do that as soon as you board the flight. This will help your mind settle for the drastic changes it is going to witness in a matter of few hours.

What to do upon arrival?
Upon arrival, it is important to do the things according to the time of your destination. If it is daytime, you must make sure that you indulge in some healthy physical activity in the morning and lighter one in the evening. This will help you adjust your serotonin levels as well as make your body tired so that you can sleep well.

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